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head shot shayneShayne Edelhertz is the owner and operator of Upcountry Modifications LLC.  He has been a resident of Maui for over 25 years and his business has been serving the community since 1997.  Shayne has logged an extensive amount of hours on machinery such as backhoes, tractors and excavators.  This experience allows Shayne to accurately bid jobs and work within the customers budget.  Shayne focuses on enhancing the natural beauty of the land whenever possible while efficiently completing the job.   In addition to thousands of hours of experience, Shayne is a licensed Septic contractor.  Shayne is a reliable contractor who brings integrity, open mind and sustainability to all of his projects.  As a long time Maui resident Shayne has respect for the aina and this is seen through his work and finsihed projects. #CT-32730

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